Monday, 31 January 2011

The Kittens

So Richard and I got kittens together. We drove 5 hours to Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary and there they were, just waiting for us to adopt them. We named them Cosette and Noir. I tell Richard that he made their Thanksgiving wish come true. We got them the day before Thanksgiving so it was perfect.
They did great on the long ride back and everyone who meets them comments on how beautiful they are. They are very well behaved. We are currently teaching them to use a real human toilet! Just think, no more litter, all we have to do is flush the toilet. It is going to be great. Throughout their lives we will save over $6,000 on litter.
We are really enjoying their spirits in our lives. I feel much more balanced with them around to cuddle and love on.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Whole Year Gone By

It has been more than a year since I last wrote on my blog. It isn't that strange because I was trying to use my blog to help motivate me to keep my 2010 new year's resolution, which now I can't recall. So I'm not going to avoid my blog by committing to a grand scheme that will only cause me to avoid blogs all together. No more will the word "blog" leave a sinking feeling in my stomach of unfinished (or un-begun) business. I don't even really have a new year's resolution this year, well at least not one I'm committing to. I'll tell you next year if it worked out. If it doesn't maybe it wasn't supposed to be my resolution anyway.
This year I'm going to marry Richard Hart. June 24th is the date. Of course like anyone about to get married I want to loose weight, but I also think I look pretty good naked as is. I have that whole Botticelli thing going on. I look natural, and I like myself. The only thing I don't feel like I have going for me is the body type for the dress, which I haven't found yet. I did find the perfect dress, but they only have it in a size 30, so I've considered possibly gaining weight to fit into that perfect dress. Maybe I'll remind myself of that tomorrow when I don't want to wake up and go running.
This year will be exciting.
Have I told you about our cats? I'll have to tell you about them.

Monday, 4 January 2010

What goes around comes around and The first day back

Coming back to my lonely apartment wasn't so lonely last night. I had a little surprise waiting for me. My friends had left a little care package for me since they had found out I was sick. It was a good surprise, I'm stocked with soup, fruit, kix, and a collection of disney pixar shorts.

The first day of school was good too. I felt a little lonely and kind of missed my freshman roommate, Brittany, buying books with me. I know by now I'm old enough to know that I should get my books online but I was afraid they wouldn't get here in time. Well I have the books I need and I have some assignments, so I'm going to get started on some school work.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Action Tracey New Year!

Every year at about this time I start getting excited a new year is just hours away and in some places the world is already new. It's a turning and a chance to be new, to be who you might have been last year. On my birthday, which occurs only days before the new year I set a personal new birthday year resolution, this year it is to write in my journal every day, unfortunately I have got out of the habit, which is strange for me considering that I've written in a journal consistently since the 3rd grade. So there is my birthday resolution. Now for the New Years resolution of 2010, I have two and they are good ones. One I'm not going to tell you about but it could be one of the best ideas I've ever had, the other one is to practice yoga every day. I don't remember what my resolution was last year, I know I had one but at the moment it escapes me. This is going to be the year though. I really will be more of the person I have expected myself to be. Now everyone out there with a resolution, it is sure to fail without a plan. So here is my plan . . . I'm going to wake up an hour before I have to, every day and practice yoga. I've got a calender to check my progress and I'll post occasionally on a topic. My reason for this is I am very happy when I do yoga and I act better all around, plus sometimes I can be so lazy that I don't do things that I really enjoy. No more, this year I'm going to be an action Tracey. Merry Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Itching Belonging Niche

Is it really possible that almost 4 years after graduating high school I still feel like I have no idea what to do with myself?
Here is a list of things I think would be worth while
1. Writing
2. Teaching
3. Working in the special collections of a major academic library
4. Photography
5. Editing books (not just copy editing but picking the books that are to be published)
6. Editing or writing for YOGA JOURNAL magazine
7. teaching yoga

It always seems like the success stories come from people who have found their niche in the world, or a place where they belong. Everyone one wants that. I want to find something I that makes me feel good, something that makes me feel like I belong here. But none of us really belong here. So to all those people who feel like they don't belong and can't seem to find their niche, you may be better off than those success stories, and if not then at least you aren't alone.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Not Sleeping

Of all the monotonous routines of our lives, I think going to sleep and waking up are my most favorite. I love sleep, I can't get enough of it. It is wonderful isn't it? I love snuggling in the blankets, forgetting my cares and worries and the dreams, wow. Last night I went to London and got lost on Durry Lane. I love waking up half an hour before I have to wake up just to contemplate how wonderful it is to sleep. The next best part is when this really swell guy calls every morning and says sweet things to me or curses the horrible cell phone coverage. So the time honored and all together necessary routine of sleeping and waking for me doesn't seem so monotonous. I actually enjoy it, except I haven't slept tonight. I know. Take a look at when the blog is getting posted, 6:30 am is for sleeping! Why can't I sleep? I'm going to miss the whole experience of sleeping and dreaming and waking. Not today, not for me, I miss out. I have a final in an hour and a half, at least I'll be awake and alert. Is there a medical condition for people who don't sleep yet feel no signs of tiredness? I mean I have to get tired sometime and when I do, I'll be waiting!

Monday, 30 November 2009

My Lonely Journal

This was supposed to be the year of the marvelous journal. I went to London this year. I'm dating the most wonderful man I could possibly ask for. Is everything just too good to write about? Can I only write when I feel wronged or hurt? Is 2009 too much of a perfect year to have anything to say? I feel horrible about my journal and I am seeking refuge in my blog, who can't possibly love me as much as my journal. Journal and I have been together consistently since I was 13, I only met you, blog, in London and this is scarcely my third or is it my forth entry. While I contemplate whether or not Journal will take me back I will take solace in trace Trafalgar's Tablet, which like my dear Journal no one reads.